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Modern agriculture is based on the principle of precision farming - an approach to managing agricultural production using a range of technologies to obtain the highest quality crops and reduce outgoings. One of these technologies, which allows improving the quality and speed of processing fields, while minimizing the influence of the human factor, is a parallel driving system.

The main task of the parallel driving system is to eliminate omissions and repeated passes, that is, to make sure that when performing work the equipment moves parallel to the previous pass. Also, the parallel driving system provides impeccable accuracy in the implementation of field work, including in conditions of poor visibility and at night. The parallel driving system works on the basis of GPS / GLONASS monitoring and includes a complex of various equipment from the indicator of course to the automatic driving system.

TN-Group offers a parallel driving system of the famous Japanese brand TOPCON. TOPCON is a leading global developer and manufacturer of precision positioning and automation equipment with 25 years of agricultural experience. TOPCON produces a wide range of driving and navigation systems, spraying, sowing, planting, spreading fertilizers, as well as providing automated section control and speed of dosing. TOPCON navigation equipment is delivered to the conveyor of tractors Fendt, Massey Ferguson, Valtra, Challenger, Deutz Fahr, Amazone.

Choose an optimal solution
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Indicators of course TOPCON

A basic solution that improves efficiency and speed of works. Autonomous accuracy within 15-30 cm from passage to passage. Using the indicator of course, you can perform the following types of work:

  • soil preparation
  • Spraying
  • fertilizer application
  • scattering
  • Top-dressing
  • sowing crops

The solution includes a control console and satellite receiver. The console provides automatic driving and control of attachments. Basic and advanced packages allow you to select only the necessary functionality.

Thanks to the modular architecture of TOPCON products, the basic solution can be upgraded to a fully automatic system.


Automatic driving systems TOPCON are suitable for all types of tractors. TOPCON produces two types of autopilots: electric and hydraulic.

The Topcon AES-35 electric steering system provides repeatable accuracy 2.5 cm (RTK correction) from year to year from sowing to harvest using any movement pattern. The system is ideally suited for vehicles not originally prepared for automatic driving, and is an excellent alternative to most hydraulic control systems. Thanks to the low-noise gearless motor with high torque, the AES-35 system provides silent operation and the most accurate electrical control in the world. The system has a reverse mode and setting of efforts for manual intervention in the control.

The electrical control solution includes a control console, satellite receiver and steering wheel. TOPCON electric steering wheel can be installed on almost any tractor.

The hydraulic control system is usually installed on foreign prepared tractors (steer-ready). The hydraulic autopilot solution includes a control console, a gidrodistributor, and console of gidrodistributor.


  • GLONASS support in a base complete set
  • Stable work in harsh conditions
  • Universal components: the ability to use the previous technology settings on other machines
  • Create job reports
    in pdf, shp, isoxml

  • Stable Linux Horizon Software
  • Own base station network
  • Convenient motion template: straight AB, identical curves, circular motion, free GuideLock templates
  • Ability to upgrade and enhance system functionality



Increased processing speed of the ground due to agricultural operations in adverse conditions or at night


Reduced production costs due to parallel passages when moving in a straight line or along curves


The driver works longer, focusing on trailed equipment rather
than steering


Improving the quality of field processing


Reduced costs for plant protection due to accuracy of application


Improving the quantity and quality of agricultural products

Parallel driving system

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