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"Agroanalytics" allows you to fully automate the process of planning, monitoring the implementation and analysis of field work. Today is the only system that allows you to generate reports on any indicator of technological operations.The system not only organizes the work of the enterprise, but also allows you to increase productivity, improve product quality and reduce costs. "Agroanalytics" provides up to 80% of needs of agribusiness management.

The system controls the full cycle of agricultural work from planning to harvesting. The potential expansion of the system’s functionality through partner developments makes its capabilities almost unlimited.

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Functional opportunities

  • For optimal operation of the enterprise, the AGRONOMIST has to make decisions based on a huge amount of information: data on soil condition, weather, seed quality, VEGETATION, fertilizers, equipment operation. Agroanalytics effectively collects this information and allows you to store and promptly provide in a form convenient for decision-making.

  • The field register allows you to get all the comprehensive information about the state of CROPS, the current development of BIOMASS, the presence of alarms and warnings from one dashboard. The field card contains all the basic information: the area, the appearance of the field map, the history of crop rotation, soil characteristics, yield history, cadastral data of the site.

  • Thanks to the automatic calculation of the field uniformity index, it is easy to find fields with inhomogeneous vegetation and timely take measures to eliminate the causes or apply differentiated approach to fertilization. Analysis of the dynamics of biomass development over time. The red area shows decrease, green-increase. The report is automatically sent with notifications about the changes it will help to focus attention on important changes.

  • Agroanalytics makes it easy to carry out annual planning based on crop rotation, technological operations, available production capacities and agronomic terms. In the mode viewing the annual plan, you can see the dynamics of work on crops, it is convenient to change the timing, moving jobs with one click, and generate multiple production jobs at the same time.

  • In the framework of annual operational planning Agroanalitics allows you to create a financial plan in which will take into account all the necessary costs for seeds, fuel, NWR, fertilizers, repair and maintenance of equipment.

  • Operational planning helps to manage the process of performing ongoing field work. By operational planning, production tasks are formed, the necessary materials are reserved, equipment, made the consolidation of personnel. The system automatically calculates and updates progress execution based on data coming from the equipment.

  • Close integration with telematics makes it easy to monitor the location of equipment, performance of works and fuel consumption, will help dispatchers and accountants to form travel sheets and reports, track flights and other parameters. The General situation in the economy can be found with one map, which displays in real time the number of working equipment, its location with the ability to reproduce the works.

  • Automated trip sheet allows you to exclude the human factor and mistakes. Previously the created waybills can be transferred to the accounting system for calculation and acceptance for accounting. By using operational planning, the system will automatically generate planned waybills for each piece of equipment and will start their calculation. The following indicators are automatically detected: driver, shift start and end, type of technological operation, working hours, area processed, mileage in stages, fuel consumption and work on stages, refueling.

  • Agricultural scouting allows you to systematize the process of collecting information about the state of fields and crops by planning of work of agricultural scouts and use of the mobile application.

%Reducing the processing time of travel sheets
%The increase in productivity
%Reducing the cost of fuel
%Saving on fertilizers and plant protection chemicals to our customers


Wide functionality
Decision support
Compatible with any equipment
Close integration with telematics
Mobile offline applications
All data in one control system

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